Open Division R/H Thumb Rest Gen 1

SuperComp Sports - ScS-CNC

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Improve your grip and your recoil control, with our NEW Open Division Thumb Rest (R/H Shooters).

In recent years, this little competition accessory has come a long way and it is increasingly common to see our great international champions use it and ... win big matches!

We machined our ScS-CNC thumb rest with great accuracy fom a solid aluminum 6061-T6 stock.

Efficiency and quality: once again, we favoured the functional aspect, design, robustness and elegance (as we know that you like your handguns).

Its weight ? Only 8 grams (+4 grams for the 2 bolts). Needless to say that you will not feel the difference. However, try it and adopt it and you'll wonder how you did before without it! Recoil control becomes natural, consistant, predictable and simple, regardless if you are an expert or a beginner.

Despite its small size, our thumb rest features a lot:

  • Low profile, limiting interference with the slide, for those who like to use front slide serrations to rack the slide, which is completely impossible with the majority of competitors thumb rests...
  • An ideal 51° angle, leading to a natural and solid grip of your weapon. We studied many configurations, including those used by well known champions ... to reach this perfect angle. By providing a constant angle, you no longer have to worry about loose screws, which can be a serious handicap in a match...
  • To reduce the friction between the thumb and the slide, we designed a small thumb shield on the right side of the thumb rest. It acts as a barrier and ensures consistent positioning of your finger and prevents your thumb from touching the slide.
  • This accessory complies with the famous C-More pattern (2 holes spaced 0.750'' away.). It comes with two high quality Allen bolts flat head # 5-40. These bolts allow direct mounting on the left side of your handgun's dust cover or through an scope mount (supplied screws are long enough, yes!). A professional gunsmith should perform this precision work (drilling and tapping your dust cover).
  • On the backside of the thumb rest, we gave you some room in order to avoid interference with the slide. This little detail is sadly missing in many competing products.
  • Naturally, we softened the lines of your thumb rest, aiming to an elegant, functional and pleasant to use product.

Another advantage, when starting a stage with a pick-up from a table (or down on the floor) with this thumb rest installed, the gun is slightly raised and allows rapid recovery, accurate and firm grip, even with only one hand .

Over the past months, we received a lot of positive feedback for this thumbrest, and also requests from our customers. Today we are pleased to offer you few extra options:

We now give you the option to have the rest pedal cut with the grip pattern or not (please, specify this option when placing your order).

Finally, this product is now available is several anodized colours!

  • Glossy/polished (natural aluminum) - No colour added
  • Brushed mat aluminum - Clear anodozing (no added colour)
  • Red Bordeaux
  • Dark blue
  • Black mat
  • Clear green
  • Orange
  • Gold


This thumb rest should be installed by a qualified gunsmith. Some minor adjustments may be required on certain handguns.

Compatible with many models, including Infinity/SV, STI, SIG, Tanfoglio, Glock, ...

The fastest way to shoot a 1911 / 2011.

Reinforces the concept of the opposable grip that dominates competition in IPSC, IDPA, USPSA.

Designed and tuned by our best speed shooters.

No need to remove this gas pedal from your gun; you can still fieldstrip it normally for maintenance, as the slide stop is clear.

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Open Division R/H Thumb Rest Gen 1

SuperComp Sports - ScS-CNC

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Get Yours And Feel the Difference!!!

Hi Internet, oh well, not much to say. I installed this thumb rest last month. It is a beautiful piece, and so helpful. Dimensions are just perfect and the angle suits exactly my hand size. Oh well, my friends want one now! :) Great for you guys.

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