Frequently Asked Questions

1. I tried to place an order that exceeded CAD$ 1,500. My payment was rejected. Why?

If you try to pay for your order which exceeds CAD$ 1,500, your payment will actually be rejected (except payment by check). This is part of certain protective measures against fraud we have introduced, for your own protection (and ours).

If you find yourself in such a situation, please contact us BEFORE placing your order and we will make arrangements to serve you in your best interest.

However, you can add all the desired items in your cart, but do not confirm your order before receiving our response.

Thank you.

2. Can I visit SuperComp Sports or collect my order in store?


Our store and our warehouse are not ready yet, to receive you. Check out our blog from time to time to know our opening date!

However, it is possible to make arrangements with us to pick up your order if you live in the Montreal area, QC.


3. If I come to pick up my order, can I buy other products on the spot?


Our products are not all stored in one place and orders are prepared according to the order forms we receive from our website. We do not stock product at appointment place.


4. Which methods of payment are available to me?

For now, we offer you the opportunity to pay your bill in different ways:

    • By Interac: this is the easiest way for many customers. We do not store any credit card or banking information. Please use your own Interac Banking FREE service to send your payment to You can send us your password choice for this transaction by eMail or wait for our suggestion.
    • By check: please be aware that the processing of your order may take a few more days however, because we must wait to receive your check first and then wait for our business bank to process it thereafter. Many of you asked for check payment, therefore SuperComp Sports offers you this option!
    • Using PayPal services: select the Check option and send us your payment to via your PayPal account.


5. Is SuperComp Sports web site secured?


Our website is highly secured and protected by a GlobalSign 256 bits SSL certificate implementing the most advanced cryptography algorythms. Our payment platforms are secured and internationally known. We will not ask you for any of your banking information. We do not record these informations as a result.

Whenever you exchange data with our site, the communication is encrypted (not just when billing!). Your personal information and eMails exchanges with our customer service remain confidential.


6. How to know if SuperComp Sports will be present at an IPSC match in Quebec?

Use our Contact Us form and we will inform you of our presence ! You can also consult the IPSC events calendar on our site. Please, make sure to place your order before 5:30pm (Montreal, QC local time) the day before the match. Thank you .


7. Can I browse the site with my smartphone or tablet (iPad. ..)?

Yes. The SuperComp Sports website has been specially designed to allow you to browse our catalog and offers from any browser type, from an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung ... an iPad (or other tablet), laptop or desktop, operating MAC OS, Linux or Windows. Then you will find out that the presentation of the various components of the site fits your environment, for a better user experience.


8. The amount of taxes in the cart is sometimes different from the one shown on the invoice. Why?

If you add items in your cart when you are NOT connected to your account, the amount of taxes shown corresponds to the applicable federal taxes (Canada). Taxes are determined based on the nature of the products on one hand and on your delivery address on the other. Once connected on your account, you will see the final amount which will match the one on the invoice. In some cases specified in the regulations, no fee will be charged.


9. Some products do not seem to have a price. How do I order them?

A product with no price displayed is no longer in stock. Therefore you can not add it to your cart. While we strive to limit this situation, restocking delays could be sometimes longer than expected. If you want to order one of these products , email us and we will try to estimate the availability date for this product.

10. How can I verify if the item I want to purchase is in stock?

Very easy: if you can add this item to your shopping cart and place the order, it just means that it is available and ready to ship!

11. My cart looks empty when I want to place my order. What should I do?

Indeed. Some of you recently reported this issue to us (and especially those of you who are using Google Chrome). In order to fix this issue, you just need to clear your browser's cache (cookies only or complete history, if you want).

12. What about PayPal payment?

We recently discovered that PayPal was not always able to determine the proper local taxes. We are still investigating this issue very closely. It is not a security issue, but only a matter of taxes calculation.

In the mean time, if you want to use PayPal as a payment method, please place your order and select PAY BY CHEQUE. Do not send us any cheque however! Then select the Check option and send us your payment to via your PayPal account.

Once your payment will clear, your order will be prepared and shipped. Please make sure to complete the PayPal payment within 24 hours, otherwise your order would be cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions ...