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DAA Inner Competition Belt

Double Alpha Academy - IPSC

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Many people asked for it... DAA now sells its famous IPSC INNER competition belt as a stand-alone product.

It is a wise idea to have a spare in your range bag... just in case, the "other" one stayed at home behind you!

Also a very smart option for travellers, because this fabric/velcro inner belt does not beep in the airports metal detectors.

Composed of an inner belt, thin enough to allow you to wear your gear as close to your body as you should, and carrying the soft part of the velcro in order to protect your clothes and car seats. One tip is pointed to facilitate threading through pants/shorts loops.

Sizes : from 32" to 50". Small sizes (32 and 34") have a 18 cm (7") overlap, while greater sizes (36" and up) have 24 cm (9.5") overlap.

How to select the correct belt size?

  1. Measure around your waist
  2. Add the overlap length you want (18 or 24 cm), to the previous dimension you got from step 1.
  3. The total length in cm, is the belt size you need to order
  4. Example: if you have a 32" waist (81.3 cm) and you want a 18 cm overlap, order the belt named 32" (it actually has a total length of 100 cm or 39.4").

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DAA Inner Competition Belt

Double Alpha Academy - IPSC

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